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Racial Equity FAQ Page

Why did Northwestern University establish the Racial Equity and Community Partnership Grants program?
What is the focus of the Racial Equity and Community Partnership grant?

How will these grants be selected?

What is the grant process for 2022?

What is the timeline for application and selection for 2022-23 grants?

 Do these grants replace the Good Neighbor Fund?

What was funded in the first round of Racial Equity and Community Partnership Grants in 2021?

Center for Civic Engagement, Northwestern and Black Metropolis Research Consortium ($36,000)

Supporting Chicago’s Black Archives: Building increased capacity for Black historical archives, creating new model to train future scholars, and serve as a model of partnerships

Chicago Learning Exchange and OCEP, Northwestern ($53,400)

Supporting and Seeding Leaders: Advancing racial diversity in mentor recruitment and retention among BIPOC STEAM mentors

Evanston Early Childhood Council and the Family Institute ($61,250)

Responding to Trauma with Evanston Early Childhood Programs

Howard Brown Health and EDIT, Northwestern ($53,120)

Opportunity Us: Increasing representation of Black and Latina women of transgender experience in the research workforce and centering community voice and expertise

I Am Abel and Department of Gastroenterology, Feinberg School of Medicine ($62,000)

CPISDAR: Increasing the number of underrepresented students in medical school

James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy and Center for Negotiation, Pritzker School of Law ($45,000)

Evanston’s Restorative Justice Community Court: Establishing a Restorative Justice Community Court to build community capacity to resolve conflict and repair harm

Northwestern Settlement House and Child Language Lab, Department of Communication ($45,275)

Project LEAP: Increase equity in children’s early literacy outcomes through an intergenerational model of caregiver-school collaboration for Black and Latinx children

Northwestern Medicine African American Transplant Access Program, NU GoKidney, And Endeleo Institute ($60,000) 

A Desert Oasis: Addressing food access inequities in Washington Heights to improve kidney health.

STEM School Evanston and Department of African American Studies, Northwestern ($54,000)

Amplifying Black Voices on Educational Equity in Evanston: Centering community voice toward the creation of a program of educational redress for Black students, their families, and Black communities more broadly

Youth Job Center, Oakton Community College, and Kellogg School of Management ($40,0000)

Entrepreneurial Bridge and Small Business Incubator Program: Establishing an entrepreneurial program that will serve as a catalyst to increase racial equity and wealth building in local communities