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Office of Change Management
1800 Sherman Avenue
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Office Phone: (847) 491-3349

We are always interested in hearing from those within the University regarding potential change initiatives.
We encourage your input and ideas.

Marianna Kepka | Associate Vice President

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 216, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-491-8548

Marianna Kepka is the Associate Vice President for the Office of Change Management. She previously served as Assistant Provost for Academic Initiatives and the Senior Director for the Office of Change Management.

Marianna oversees strategic and change initiatives that span the academic and administrative sides of the University. She leads the Office in engaging with leaders across schools and units to develop, analyze, and implement change in order to improve strategy, operations, and organizational processes. She also partners with the Provost and senior leaders to develop strategies for addressing Northwestern’s most pressing issues. The Office of Change Management works with a broad set of stakeholders to foster a culture of change and continuous improvement across the University.

Marianna joined Northwestern in 2008 after working for a higher education consulting company. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the College of William and Mary. After working in the financial sector for a number of years, she received her Master of Science in Higher Education Administration from Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy (SESP).

Roma Khanna | Senior Director of Change Management

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 215, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-467-5317

Roma Khanna joined the Office of Change Management in 2016. Before coming to Northwestern, Roma worked at Deloitte Consulting, where she specialized in the design and implementation of large-scale transformations across multiple industries with a focus on organizational strategies for health care providers.

Before becoming a management consultant, Roma worked as a journalist at a number of publications, serving primarily as an investigative reporter. Roma is a dual graduate of the University, with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a Master of Science degree in Learning and Organizational Change. She is a lecturer in the School of Education and Social Policy.

Aspasia Apostolakis Miller | Director of Change Management

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 214, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-467-0651

Aspasia Apostolakis Miller joined Northwestern in 2000 assuming a leadership role in Alumni Relations and Development. She was instrumental in the organizational growth and restructuring of the Alumni Relations office and was responsible for planning and implementing new programs and services designed to engage alumni across all life stages. In 2012 Aspasia joined the Office of Change Management. Her work entails collaborating with academic and administrative leaders to assess opportunities for institutional change; designing approaches to address organizational challenges; facilitating development of solutions to these challenges; and partnering to support implementation. She also assists with planning and implementation of the annual Northwestern University Best Practices Forum.

Aspasia earned a Master of Science degree from Northwestern in Managerial Communication and a BBA from George Washington University in Business Administration/Marketing. Before coming to Northwestern, Aspasia was a human resources executive for two major corporations in the private sector.

Jenny Puchtel | Director of Change Management

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 213, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-491-3481

Jenny Puchtel joined the Office of Change Management in 2015. As a director, Jenny engages with schools and units across Northwestern to facilitate change initiatives. She leads project work teams to analyze, develop, and implement change to improve operations, services, and organizational processes. Jenny first joined Northwestern in 2014 as the Manager of Reaccreditation in the Office of the Provost. In this role, Jenny helped the University prepare for its 2015 reaccreditation review and site visit through the Higher Learning Commission.

Prior to joining Northwestern, Jenny served as a Manager in the Higher Education practice at Huron Consulting and in the Global Employer Services practice at Deloitte Tax. She is a dual graduate of the University, with an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master of Science degree from the Higher Education Administration and Policy program in SESP.

Rebecca Pinchuk | Senior Project Administrator

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 205, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-491-3413

Rebecca Pinchuk joined the Office of Change Management in 2015 as a Project Coordinator. As Senior Project Administrator for the Office, she helps facilitate change throughout the University by supporting the Office’s change initiatives in a variety of capacities.  Rebecca partners with OCM directors to support leaders across the institution to assess and implement changes to improve operations, processes, services, structure, and culture across the University.

Rebecca is a dual-degree holder from Northwestern University. She graduated From Northwestern’s Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Policy in 2015 and also completed her undergraduate degree at Northwestern. Before returning to Northwestern for a master’s degree, Rebecca worked at the University of Chicago in a developmental education psychology laboratory.

Janie Savage | Coordinator, Change Management and Financial Initiatives

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 205, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-491-4135

Janie Savage joined the Office of Change Management in late 2014. As Administrator for the office, Janie supports change initiatives in planning and implementation stages that engage stakeholders across offices and departments. Janie first joined Northwestern in 1987 as the Compensation/Management Analyst in Human Resources for the Chicago Campus. She was promoted to Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance in 1990 where she worked in an executive management support role for 24 years.

Janie’s early professional career was in Springfield, IL where she had formative positions in central management and rehabilitation services in two different State of Illinois agencies. She has a B.A. degree in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University and Master of Arts degree in HR Management, Organizational Behavior, from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Melissa Perrone | Program Assistant 4

Office: 1800 Sherman, Suite 205, Evanston Campus
Phone: 847-491-3349

Melissa Perrone joined the Office of Change Management in 2015. As a Program Assistant, Melissa provides administrative support for the office which includes facilitating, planning, coordinating and scheduling various meetings and events for the AVP and Directors. Melissa assists with event planning and implementation for the annual Best Practices Forum and also provides support for ongoing Executive Leadership searches and facilitates OCM searches as well as onboarding of interns and new hires.

Prior to joining Northwestern, Melissa was an Assistant Rowing Coach and Director of Recruiting at The University of Texas. Melissa received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northeastern University in Boston.