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Roles and Permissions

Web Communications recommends that you assign site roles to groups instead of users. This makes it much easier to manage permissions as users come and go. To add a role to a specific site, go to "Site Management" under the Cascade menu (to the left of "Home"), edit the site, and move the desired roles from the left multi-select box to the right one. The established roles for our installation are outlined below. We defined site roles within our installation to be fairly granular, so typically you will assign a group to several depending on the abilities you wish to grant them.


Site Administrators are able to perform virtually any task in the site.

Site-Administrator-RO (Read Only)

Same as Site Administrator, but without the ability to bypass access permissions. In effect, the user will be able to view the entire site, but not make any edits unless specifically allowed on a folder or asset.


The Site Approver role is a master of workflow. It carries the ability to delete workflows in process (immediately ending them and trashing the content), assign workflows to itself (thereby taking them over), and to bypass workflow completely in Sites that have workflow requirements.


The Page Master role permits editors to change region configurations on each page's edit screen. You might use this if the user needs to create XHTML blocks and assign them to arbitrary page regions.


Site Publishers are able to publish files that are writeable by their group(s).


This role mirrors Site-Publisher but adds the ability for users to view Publish Sets in a site's Administration folder.


Site Contributors are able to read and edit assets, but are not able to perform publish operations.


Site Architects can move and rename assets.


Adds the ability to toggle accessibility, spelling, and link checks and HTML Tidy when editing.


Adds the ability to upload a zip archive to a site.