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Working with Drafts

Your work is saved automatically in the background you make changes in the content. When editing in Cascade, carefully read any new messages regarding drafts. You will see a message at the top of the edit window indicating the status of your work.

A few things to note about drafts:

  1. Cascade will still save a draft of your page if you navigate away from the page without clicking “Save & Preview.”  
  2. If you click on Save & Preview,” a message pops up on your screen confirming that a draft has been saved and suggests you to "Submit" your work as a next step. 

  3. You can find all saved drafts under “My Content” widget on your Dashboard.

  4.  If you have a draft saved for an asset, you will see a dropdown next to the asset name as shown in the screenshot. The dropdown has two options: Draft and Current.