Mission Statement

The Northwestern University Women's Center is dedicated to fostering a campus climate that promotes equity and enriches the personal, professional and academic lives of all members of the University community, particularly women students, staff and faculty.

The Center's mission is to enhance the academic achievement, career aspiration and personal development of women at NU and to help build an environment wherein women and men can work productively together.

The Center is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse community.

We invite you to participate in the exciting and varied programs that we offer.

Director’s Message

This year the Northwestern University Women’s Center is celebrating its 24th year!

The Center was founded in 1986 out of the former Program on Women. It has served as a dynamic catalyst for change in women’s professional, academic and personal lives. For the last two decades through educational programming, advocacy, outreach, coalition-building, counseling and referral programs, the Women’s Center has played a major role in the collective effort to transform Northwestern University into a community that affirms women. We continually strive to improve the climate of gender equity for all.

The staff members of the Center are community activists, counselors and educators who work tirelessly in an attempt to embrace and serve all women at Northwestern. In order to fulfill our mission to reach out across lines of sex, race, ethnicity, gender identity, culture, sexual orientation, class and physical ability, we have built alliances with a variety of campus and community organizations.

We invite you to participate in the exciting programs we are offering throughout this academic year. We bid you to join us in the ongoing work of creating and supporting a community that not only thinks well about women but also treats them well. To build a world that is good to women is to build a world that is good for all humanity.

-- Renée Redd, PhD, the Director of the Women's Center.

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