NU-Argonne Carpool

The Northwestern-Argonne Carpool is a user-run service that travels daily between the Northwestern Evanston Campus and the Argonne National Lab Campus. Students, professors and researchers affiliated with Northwestern are encouraged to take advantage of this carpool, which is fully funded by the Northwestern University Office for Research. Only Northwestern University students and employees may use the carpool.

Available Cars

There are two University Motor Pool passenger vehicles dedicated to the NU/ANL Carpool. The vehicles are parked in the lot east of Cook Hall. The departure times are determined by the drivers. Typical departure times from Northwestern are between 7 and 8 a.m. Departure times from Argonne are around 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Each car can accommodate a driver and four passengers.

Sign-Up Procedure

  1. Contact the carpool coordinator, Mark Seniw, for access to the online reservation system.
  2. Navigate to Drive area to add yourself to the Roster with contact information and preferred drop-off/pick-up locations at Argonne. Qualified drivers should also enter their driver’s license expiration date.
  3. After signing the roster, users can then choose to sign-up for a time slot for one of the two cars.

Carpool User Responsibilities

Because the carpool is user-run, its efficiency is highly dependent on user responsibility. After safety, communication is probably the most important responsibility. We ask that users do their best to:

  • Meet at the car and be on time. Drivers are allowed to leave if a rider is late for departure. Show up within a reasonable amount of time before departure.
  • Contact the driver via e-mail or phone if you need to cancel less than 24 hours before departure. Remove your name from the reservation calendar and contact any rider on the wait list.

Carpool Drivers

Although all students, professors, and researchers are encouraged to become riders, it is advantageous to the user to become a registered driver also. Only registered drivers may drive the car and drivers have extended responsibilities and privileges.

Driver Responsibilities:

  • Drivers must take the Defensive Driving Course offered by the Office of Risk Management. Note that drivers must have held a valid driver's license for at least two years.
  • Drivers must directly contact the coordinator for driver orientation after completion of the Defensive Driving Course.
  • Drivers should check the online schedule of their vehicle for the number of riders.
  • Drivers must arrive a few minutes early to pick up the keys and gas card from the lockbox, located outside room 1155 Cook Hall. The coordinator will supply you with the lockbox code.
  • Drivers are required to drop off and pick up the other riders at Argonne.
  • Drivers must contact the Motor Pool Manager, David Kite (847) 491-3560, and inform the carpool coordinator of any car troubles.
  • Drivers are required to exchange cars at the Motor Pool when service is needed.

Driver Privileges:

  • Drivers are allowed to set the departure times (within reason).
  • Drivers are allowed to park the car near their Argonne lab/office during the workday.
  • Drivers are allowed control over the radio (within reason).
  • Drivers are allowed to make the decision to leave if a rider is late for departure (within reason).