WCMS-Users ListServ FAQ

What is this e-mail list for?

This list is for general Cascade usage questions. Questions about how to add pages or files to your site should be directed toward the training materials provided by the unit that developed your site, or the support person designated for that unit.

We hope that this list will become a resource for people using the "guts" of Cascade, like the publishing system, WYSIWYG editor, and basic common features like delete and publish.

Who subscribes to this list?

University developers and support personnel subscribe to this list. The project manager for the Cascade Server system also watches the list.

I can't seem to log in; I receive a forbidden error

This is a somewhat common occurrence and is often caused by one of two things: 1) you recently logged in to Cascade or some other University system and changed networks, e.g. wireless Access points or you went from wi-fi to wired or wired to wi-fi or 2) you have both the wired and wireless connections actively running on the same computer. If the former, please quit your browser and re-open it. In the latter case, disable one of the connections by disconnecting from wireless or disconnecting your ethernet cable.