Web Content Management System

Web Content Management Systems allow nearly anyone to edit web pages as easily as they can edit other documents. WCMS is the next generation of tools for empowering distributed management of website information. Unlike desktop software suites like Dreamweaver and Contribute, these systems are centrally run and provided—there is no computer setup necessary to begin using these systems and no software versions or upgrades to worry about. For the end user, they run entirely within the web browser and provide an intuitive interface for finding, editing, and publishing web pages.

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Latest Announcements

July 21, 2015- Cascade Server 7.14.2 Upgrade

On July 18, 2015, Cascade was successfully upgraded to version 7.14.2.  Here is a summary of the new features that are applicable to the content editors:

  • Content Ownership  -  This is a feature for content editors that allows them to take ownership of their content. This is an asset level setting and you can assign content to yourself by going in View->Properties—>System Metadata. Here, you will see a new “Assign to Me” option under “Content Owner.” You will also see a new tab on your dashboard that allows you to view a list of assets owned by you. Read more about this feature on our vendor website.
  • Faster Link Checking

To view a detailed report, see Cascade 7.14.2 release notes. To learn the basics and concepts of Cascade, view Cascade Server knowledge base.

As always, if you have any questions about the above or anything else, contact us at webcomm-support@northwestern.edu.

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