Best Practices

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the Planit Purple user experience, we have prepared these guidelines for effective event posts. We encourage you to follow these guidelines when posting an event on Planit Purple.

Event Title

The purpose of the event title is to get attention of the intended audience. Your event name should tell potential visitors exactly what the event is all about. Make sure you enter a Title that is logical, appealing and great for search.

  • Try not to use acronyms in your event title, if you absolutely have to, describe it in the event description field.
  • Do not to include the date of the event or the name of the venue in the event title; there are separate fields for that, include it in the description if you wish.
  • Never use any unusual symbols in your event title like: @!”$%^&**() etc.
  • Choose event name carefully. Good event name will make it more "searchable."

 Event Description

 Make sure event description includes the following:

  • Outline who this event is for? It is especially important if it is not open for public or if only a selected group of students, faculty or staff members are invited.
  • Point out special features of the event. 
  • Point out the benefits of attending the event, in other words explain why your intended audience should attend it.
  • If you have a guest presenter, include a short bio in the event description.
  • Include any information that might be helpful for your guests. For example information about parking, transportation or directions to the event venue.

Things to Remember

  • Do not copy-paste from word; remove all text formatting before pasting it in the description field.
  • Make sure the links (if any) are valid.