Web Communications

The Office of Web Communications (Web Comm) is part of the Department of University Relations (UR) and contributes to University Relations' role of providing communications and marketing services to the University's academic and administrative units.

The responsibilities of the Office of Web Communications are to:

  • Manage and develop the top-level pages of the Northwestern web site;
  • Approve departmental requests for space on the University's main server;
  • Consult and/or assist with design and development of web pages for Northwestern schools and administrative offices;
  • Perform research and analysis through site reviews, usability testing, online surveys, web traffic analysis, card sorting exercises, and link tracking;
  • Provide training in site maintenance, WCMS, PlanIt Purple;
  • Maintain and disseminate University web standards;
  • Explore new and changing web-related technologies; and
  • Lead and oversee the activities of the University's Web Steering Committee.

Web Communications also provides administration and development for:

Although the Office of Web Communications is available to assist University entities in designing their web pages, many offices and departments undertake their own projects or use the services of an outside contractor. It is important to communicate the University's web style guide to all individuals involved in web site design and maintenance.