Our process is designed to ensure the timely delivery of professional, accurate, and cost-effective publications. 

First, contact Anne Egger, director of publications, at 1-4880 or You will meet with a UR editorial/design team to discuss your project's objectives, scope, and timeline (see our project planning sheet for details). Afterward, you will receive a written estimate of costs and a project schedule. Our work together may involve all or some of the following stages. Your editor will be your primary contact for the duration of the project, serving as the project manager and handling any questions or issues that arise during production.

  • UR receives the copy (typically in Word) to be edited and any available photos, illustrations, etc. (Note: We ask you to obtain any necessary approvals by others in your department before submitting copy to us.)
  • UR returns the edited copy to you for review; design work begins.
  • UR presents the layout; you receive page printouts (galleys) for proofreading.
  • After you return the galleys to UR with any final changes, the project goes to the printer.
  • UR receives a printer’s proof for you to approve.
  • The finished product is delivered.