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Student Profiles

Study abroad alums are one of your best sources of information. Browse their stories by region or school below. 

If you would like to serve as a resource to future study abroad students, please consider having your profile featured here. Contact the Study Abroad Office for more details. 



  • Ghana:

Baindu in Ghana

Baindu Kallon: 

Medill (Journalism, International Studies)

Legon, Ghana

CIEE-Ghana: Arts & Sciences

  • South Africa: 

Sebastian in South Africa

Sebastian Buffa:

WCAS (History)

Manyaleti, South Africa

GESI South Africa


  • Argentina: 


Sebastian Buffa:

WCAS (History)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities Program

  • Bolivia:

Sebastian Buffa:

WCAS (History)

Cochabamba, Bolivia

SIT Bolivia Multiculturalsim, Globalization, & Social Change


  • China: 
Harris in China

David Harris:

McCormick (Industrial Engineering, Mandarin)

Beijing, China

IES Abroad-Beijing: Language Intensive

  • India:
Zoe in India

Zoe Goodman:

SESP (Social Policy)

Hyderabad, India

CIEE-Hyderabad Arts & Sciences Program

Sasha in India

Sasha Khadivian:

Bienen (Music Performance, Religion)

Hyderabad, India

CIEE-Hyderabad: Arts & Sciences Program

Michele in India

Michele Moses:

Medill (Journalism)

Bodh Gaya, India

Antioch-Buddhist Studies


  • England:

Mark London

Mark Aghanjanian:

WCAS (Economics & International Studies)

London, England

London School of Economics & Political Sciences

Caroline in London

Caroline Harris:

Communication (Theatre)

London, England

British American Drama Academy (BADA)

Rachel in London

Rachel Poletick:

Medill (Journalism)

London, England

Arcadia-Univeristy College London

  • Italy:
Christina in Italy

Christina Hines:

WCAS (Classics)

Bologna, Italy

Indiana University-Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP)

  • Spain:
Caroline in Spain

Caroline Harris:

Communication (Theatre)

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish Language & Culture Program in Barcelona

Brittany in Spain

Brittany Jones:


Seville, Spain

Junior Year in Spain


  • Australia:
Michael in Austrailia

Michael Goldberg:

McCormick (Environmental Engineering)

Brisbane, Australia

Arcadia-University of Queensland

  • New Zealand:

Emelyn Barrientos:

Communication (RTVF)

Wellington, New Zealand

Arcadia-Victoria University of Wellington


Beinen School of Music

McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications

School of Education and Social Policy

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences