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Loans & Financing Options

Whether you receive need-based federal loans as part of your financial aid package or are looking at other options to help with your expected family contribution, there are a variety of loan and financing options available to help with your study abroad payments. You can find additional information on financing options on the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.

Federal Student Loans

Subsidized student loans may be offered as part of your financial aid package, especially for study abroad programs that cost more than studying at Northwestern. If you are borrowing loans, especially for the first time, it is important that you accept your loans on CAESAR and check your To Do List for any outstanding loan application requirements. You can read more about loan options on the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.

Parent Loans & Private Loans

For students or parents borrowing the Federal PLUS Loan, the NU Parent Loan, or private education loans, Northwestern may be able to certify your loan for your study abroad program's cost of attendance and/or disburse funds unevenly for the quarter(s) you are abroad, as necessary/appropriate. After you have applied for your loan (usually in the summer), be sure to contact Krista Buda Bethel to inquire about this option and to make sure your loan will cover the charges on your Northwestern invoice.

Northwestern 9PAY

The 9PAY installment payment plan may still be used for your study abroad expenses that will be charged through Northwestern, but the amount you need to pay may be different based on your exact study abroad costs. Please contact Krista Buda Bethel for an estimate of your Northwestern charges during the quarter(s) of your study abroad participation.