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Steps to Study Abroad

  1. Review the Study Abroad Guide
  2. Research Programs & Options
  3. Meet with a Peer Adviser
  4. Consider your School's Policies for Study Abroad
  5. Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser
  6. Consult with a Career Adviser
  7. Complete Northwestern Application by the deadline
  8. Complete your Program Application by their deadline
  9. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships
  10. Apply for/Renew your Passport

1. Review the study abroad guide

  • The Study Abroad Guide is the comprehensive resource, covering academic information (credit enrollment abroad, credit transfer, etc.), money matters (how billing and financial aid work), health and safety matters, as well as identity and diversity considerations.

2. Research programs & options

3. Meet with a peer adviser

  • Once you've narrowed down your choices to a region, country, or even a specific program, Peer Advisers are a fantastic resource for learning more about being a student abroad.
  • Peer Advisers are available any time. Contact them directly to set up a meeting or fill out this form to be paired up by the Study Abroad Office

4. consider your school's policies for study abroad

Each School at Northwestern has its own policies for study abroad. Read the NU School Letters for more information.

5. Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser

6. consult with a career adviser

  • Discuss career implications of studying abroad with Northwestern Career Advancement or your school's career office
  • Understand industry timelines for finding jobs and internships and implications for study abroad
  • Discuss opportunities you might engage in while abroad to further career aspirations
  • Sign up for CareerCat, the main internship and job database for both On-Campus Recruiting and direct application opportunities

7. Submit your complete Northwestern Application by the deadline

8. Complete your program application(s) by their deadline(s)

  • In addition to the NU Study Abroad Application, you must complete applications for your program(s) by their published deadline(s).
  • The following programs do NOT require completion of a separate application:

    • Programs sponsored by Northwestern's International Program Development Office (with the exception of Exchange programs)
    • Programs sponsored by Northwestern's Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)
    • Barcelona Summer Spanish Language & Culture program
    • Bonn Summer Renewable Energy Policy & Development program
    • Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP)
    • Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona (CASA)

9. Apply for financial aid and scholarships

10. apply for/renew your passport!

  • Generally, your passport needs to be valid for six months after your planned date of return to the U.S. Check your expiration date, and if necessary, begin the application/renewal process as soon as possible!