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Non-Northwestern Summer Programs

Considering a non-Northwestern summer program? Use the following information to guide your selection:

Northwestern requirements

If you are interested in transferring credit back from a Non-NU Summer program, be sure that your selected program works within the following Northwestern requirements.  If you are not interested in transferring credit back to Northwestern (at any time in the future), then you are not required to apply through the Study Abroad Office for permission to study abroad.

  • Program dates and length: Pay close attention to the program's start date. Many summer programs begin in late May or early June, when Northwestern students are not eligible to participate due to Spring Quarter exams. Also, the Study Abroad Office strongly recommends that students participate in 4-6 week programs (6-8 weeks for language programs).
  • Courses: Students must take courses that: 1) are transferable to NU, 2) are taken for official letter grades and earn the equivalent of a C or above, 3) have at least 30 contact hours.
  • Credits: Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 semester credits total, but may enroll in a maximum of 10 semester credits. (2 semester credits = 1 NU quarter credit, 10 semester credits = 4 NU quarter credits). Courses worth 1 semester credit will not transfer to NU.
  • Study abroad transcript: If the program you're interested in is not on our recommended non-NU summer program list below, the Study Abroad Office may need to verify with the Office of the Registrar that the transcript can be accepted by NU.

See the Academic Issues web pages for more detailed information about academic policies on choosing courses, credit transfer, grades, and transcripts.

Tools for your program search

Search resources:

1. Use our program selection worksheet (pdf), which can help you evaluate potential programs. 

2. Use the following search engines to find programs:

3. Visit the web sites of universities and study abroad institutions that run the academic year programs on our affiliated list. Many also run summer programs.

4. If you are interested in participating in a language intensive program, talk with faculty in the language departments at Northwestern. They will help you identify high quality programs specializing in language instruction.

Recommended non-NU summer programs:

Northwestern is not affiliated with these programs, but students have participated in them during past years and have been eligible to transfer credit. You can review student evaluations of these programs at the Study Abroad Office.

If you're interested in a program that is not listed below, you may need to meet with a Study Abroad Adviser to determine if the credits are transferable to NU or if you'll need to explore other options. Don't forget to review the Steps to Apply for a Non-NU Summer Program for more details.






Money Matters

Billing arrangements

Students attending non-NU summer study abroad programs will be billed by Northwestern for the NU Study Abroad Administrative Fee (SAAF).

The SAAF for summer 2014 is $850. If you are approved and have confirmed your participation on time, you will be billed through CAESAR for the SAAF on May 10th. Students who confirm or are approved late will be billed for the SAAF on June 10th.

The host institution or program will bill you directly for tuition, room, board, and/or any other fees. You are responsible for paying all program charges directly to your program or institution. Contact your program for payment deadlines. If a program mistakenly bills Northwestern instead of you, we will forward the bill and contact the program about the error.

Financial aid

Students applying to non-NU summer study abroad programs are not eligible to receive any financial aid from Northwestern, and Northwestern will not enter into any kind of financial or consortium agreement with another institution for the purposes of processing federal aid for non-NU summer programs.

Some scholarships may be available through your program sponsor or host institution. Contact the program directly for information, applications, and deadlines. You may also apply for outside scholarships or funding to help with the cost of your non-NU summer program.

Paying deposits

Check with your program office for information on any required deposits, which must be paid to the program, not to the Study Abroad Office.

Arranging and paying for flights

You are responsible for making your own flight reservations and payments according to your program's specific dates and rules. Some programs include international group airfare in their program costs. Consult your program office or program literature for more detailed advice.

For more information

Contact Krista Buda Bethel, Assistant Director of Study Abroad Financial Services, at (847) 491-7400.