Seminars and Training Programs

Education is the best tool for the prevention and elimination of sexual harassment. A vital part of Northwestern's anti-harassment initiatives is ensuring that members of the University community understand the University's policies and procedures, are aware of the various types of conduct that may constitute a violation of these policies, and know where to turn should an issue arise.

The Sexual Harassment Prevention Office offers the following free training programs and seminars on an ongoing basis to all members of the University community. In addition, training programs, orientation sessions, and departmental briefings can be developed and tailored to specific needs and concerns.

For further information or to schedule a program in your school or department, please contact the Sexual Harassment Prevention Office.

Sexual Harassment Crash Course

Got only 10 minutes on a busy meeting agenda? The Director of the University Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention will come to your meeting and provide attendees with a quick overview of the University's policies against discrimination and sexual harassment, examples of harassment, and advice on where to go for help. Several informative handouts are provided.

Basic Overview on Workplace Sexual Harassment

This 30-45 minute course uses a PowerPoint presentation with discussion of hypothetical situations to engage a group of any size in recognizing appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviors. Participants will learn about the University's harassment and discrimination policies and where they can turn for help.

Interactive Workshop on Recognizing and Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

This interactive, 60-75 minute session introduces participants to Northwestern's discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment policies and the many resources available should issues arise. Using real-life examples and small-group interactive activities, participants also examine boundaries on appropriate workplace behaviors. Suitable for groups of up to 50 participants.

Managing to Prevent and Address Harassment: A Guide for Supervisors and Academic Administrators

Individuals in supervisory, managerial, or teaching positions are often the first to learn of harassment concerns and must be prepared to respond effectively. In this 60-minute, interactive and collaborative session, managers will explore strategies for maintaining a harassment-free environment and discuss appropriate responses to a variety of real-life harassment scenarios.

Faculty Seminar on Sexual Harassment

Issues addressed in this interactive, hour-long program include(1) sexual harassment and academic freedom; (2) defining and articulating boundaries; and (3) guidelines for responding to student, staff, and colleague harassment-related concerns. Participation is limited to Northwestern faculty.

Avoiding Problems of Harassment in the Medical Workplace

This customized session for practicing physicians and residents provides practical guidance on and discussion of real-world problems faced by medical practitioners involving sexual harassment and other types of harassment. Sessions run about 30 minutes.

What Should I Do? NU Standards for Business Conduct

Offered in conjunction with Human Resources Training & Development, this workshop highlights the major policies guiding the University's work flow, including University employment, sexual harassment prevention, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and purchasing and vendor relations. Participants review NU's policies and learn how to recognize potential ethical problems and inappropriate workplace conduct and where to go for answers. Online registration is available here.