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Faculty Open Classroom Initiative (FOCI)

FOCI is a week-long program to promote open conversation about learning and teaching across Northwestern. We invite all faculty to learn from one another by opening their classrooms to fellow faculty, and by visiting others' classrooms. To open your classroom, sign up by January 23; to visit another classroom, sign up starting on January 30.  Read more about FOCI, or Register here.

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We work with instructors to enhance their teaching and with undergraduates to enhance their learning.

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We also conduct research and evaluation on teaching and learning in higher education.

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Matthew Henke

Matthew Henke

PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences

Matt’s doctoral work focuses on discovering new drug-like molecules from mold and investigating how they are made. Matt has worked with the Searle Center as a New TA Conference Workshop Leader and a Teaching Consultant. Through his participation in the Teaching Certificate Program, he developed and taught Genetics and Evolution for non-majors, with a focus on their societal impacts.
Gloria Kim

Gloria Kim

Clinical Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Gloria Kim is a Clinical Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern. She is currently collaborating with Professor Rob Linsenmeier in Biomedical Engineering, the Searle Center, and Professor Karim Oweiss at the University of Florida on an NSF-funded grant. This project assesses two junior-year engineering course sequences at Northwestern and the University of Florida in terms of the “How People Learn” framework and enhances and expands inquiry-based learning across disciplines and institutions.