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2015 University teaching awards go to Walter Herbst (McCormick), Deborah Cohen (Weinberg), David Rapp (Weinberg), and Karen Smilowitz (McCormick).

Searle Center featured research

Micari, M., Van Winkle, Z., & Pazos, P. (2015, April). Among Friends: The Role of Academic Diversity in Individual Achievement Within a Small-Group Learning Environment. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association conference, Chicago.

Case, J., & Light, G. (2014).  Framing qualitative methods in engineering education research: Established and emerging methodologies. In Johri, A., & Olds, B. (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

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Tori Larsen

Tori Larsen

Biological Sciences and Anthropology major, Philosophy minor, class of 2015

During her undergraduate career, Tori has developed an interest in the experience of education – starting with her sophomore-year research on biology test questions. She has participated and mentored in the Searle Center’s Science Research Workshop (SRW) program, and is a peer leader in Searle’s NULearn program. Currently, she co-teaches a Student Organized Seminar on popular neuroscience. Next year she will be mentoring high school students in Beijing as they apply for colleges in the US.
Keith EJ Tyo

Keith EJ Tyo

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

A Searle Fellow in 2012–2013, Professor Tyo is passionate about improving healthcare in resource-poor locations. Tyo develops low-cost biomedical technologies for tropical diseases, and helps students develop skills to address healthcare needs across cultural and socio-economic boundaries. As part of his NSF CAREER award, Tyo collaborated with the Searle Center in developing the Biotechnology & Global Health course, as well as a Certificate in Global Health & Sustainability.