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Learning & Teaching News

Recent Conference Presentations

Searle Center staff offered several sessions at the recent Professional and Organizational Development in Higher Education (POD) Network conference in San Francisco:

Susanna Calkins and Muveddet Harris presented "Promoting Critical Reflection: Assessing the Longer-Term Impact of a Substantial Faculty Development.”

Rachael Baiduc and Nancy Ruggeri presented "Disciplinary Conceptions of Teaching in a Graduate Teaching Development Program."

Molly Hatcher (U Texas-Austin) and Nancy Ruggeri presented "Translating Inclusive Classroom Practice for The Academic Job Market."

David Molina and Christine Bean presented "Reflecting on Diversity, Reconsidering Course Design: Diversity Reflection as Critical Practice."

Assessment Forum recap

The third annual Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Forum took place on November 18th, with 12 interactive sessions and 15 poster presentations, as well as a lunchtime faculty panel and post-forum roundtables.  More than 175 faculty, staff, and administrators from across Northwestern attended.

Matthew June

Matthew June

Ph.D. Candidate, History

A former participant in Searle’s Teaching Certificate Program, Matt has worked with the Center as a Graduate Teaching Mentor and is now a Graduate Teaching Fellow. His doctoral work examines the consumer protection origins of the modern “war on drugs” and shows how liberal laws intended to protect “users” provided a new basis for policing drug “abusers.” Matt is currently developing and teaching two courses: History of the Sixties and Drugs and Trade in American History. He was also recently featured on The Graduate School website.
Anna Parkinson

Anna Parkinson

Associate Professor, Department of German

A Searle Fellow in 2013–14, Anna teaches and researches on 20th- and 21st-century German literature and film, psychoanalysis, critical theory, gender and sexuality studies, and Jewish studies. She recently published her first book, An Emotional State: The Politics of Emotion in Postwar West German Culture. Her Searle Fellows project addressed approaches to dialogical learning in large lecture classes, with a focus on challenging students to develop their critical thinking in tandem with their writing skills.