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Is the concept of learning styles helping or hurting education? Read the recent New York Times opinion piece.

Read Medill Professor Owen Youngman's reflections on his MOOC experience in The Atlantic and in The Guardian.

Looking for ways to make large lectures more active?

Learn how Associate Professor of Molecular Biosciences Eric Weiss uses Canvas to introduce active learning into his Cell Biology course. Check out the video and hear ideas for using discussion boards, group assignments, and more in a large lecture course.

Christine Simonian Bean

Christine Simonian Bean

Ph.D. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Theater and Drama

Bean's work examines food in performance as it relates to embodied, affective spectating and twentieth century conceptions of "the real."

She has developed and taught courses in theater history, race and gender in performance, and acting. Bean has worked with the Searle Center as a Graduate Teaching Mentor, and now as a Graduate Assistant facilitating the Teaching Certificate Program.

Kannan Mutharasan

Kannan Mutharasan

Assistant Professor in Medicine–Cardiology

As a cardiologist, Dr. Kannan Mutharasan balances his time between seeing patients, researching high-density lipoprotein function, and developing innovative teaching practices. When he was a Searle Fellow last year, he experimented with flipping the lecture and has since developed workshops to train others to do the same. Dr. Mutharasan is a Northwestern alum, graduating in 1999 from the McCormick School of Engineering, and from the Feinberg school of Medicine in 2003.