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NUpredicts: Women's Basketball

NUpredicts: Women's Basketball has been canceled. We Remember Jordan Hankins: 1997-2017

Steve Carr, Faculty Chair

A Note from Steve Carr, One Book One Northwestern Faculty Chair

This past Tuesday was the Day that Was: 3 events! (Only one was covered in The Daily Northwestern). The talk given by Allison McCann gave a lot of insight into how Nate Silver makes his analyses come across as being so clear. It would seem that the magic sauce for that communication effectiveness came from Ms. McCann herself. It was like looking under the hood to see how the process really worked.

This Friday is the opening reception for the exhibit, “Data as Art”, to be held in the atrium of the Ford Building. On display will be works created by McCormick and School of the Art Institute of Chicago students working on artistic ways to gain meaning from (often) large data sets. On Tuesday, January 24th there will be a Dittmar Dinner, in which the theme will be “How Factors from before You're Born Affect Your Future."

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