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NUpredicts: The Oscars

NUpredicts: The Oscars will be available on February 18 at 4:00 pm. The game will be available until Feb. 25 at 11:59 pm Can you predict the winners? Play the game and win prizes and One Book swag. Winners will be announced on Feb. 27 – the day after the Academy Awards.

Steve Carr, Faculty Chair

A Note from Steve Carr, One Book One Northwestern Faculty Chair

Many of you read the weekly journal, Science, which publishes original research focused predominantly (but not exclusively) on life and physical sciences, and to my delight I found that the current issue, 3 February 2017, is a special issue on – are you ready – “Prediction and Its Limits.” Inside, one finds a succession of articles explaining to what extent we can know in advance the outcomes of human activities. Insight into this special section can be gained from the first sentence of the description of the opening graphic: “A major challenge for using data to make predictions is distinguishing what is meaningful from what is noise.” This sentence should compel all Nate Silver devotes to get into this issue right away.

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