Space Planning Services and Requests for Space

Faculty and their staff who may require additional space first need to make requests through the Department's Chair or his/her supervisor.  If space is not available through a Department, School, or Administrative Unit, space requirements may need to be assessed and explored with the assistance of Facilities Management's planning staff. Requests related to the assessment of space needs, conceptual space planning, preliminary programming, and development of budgetary allowances can be directed to:
Paul Weller, Director of Facilities Planning (; 847-467-7903)

Examples of the types of services provided by Facilities Management's planning staff:


Whether periodically or at the request of the Provost, Dean, Chair, or Program Director (or their administrator), Facilities Management's planning staff will:

  • Confirm and assess the current size, assignment, use, type, and utilization of space.
  • Evaluate the amount of space assigned compared to the amount of space needed.
  • Serve as consultant and advisor related to space.


At the request of the Provost, Dean or Chair (or their administrator), Facilities Management's planning staff will:

  • Review facilities requested or needed for a potential recruit.
  • Evaluate and recommend space and location options for a potential recruit.
  • Serve as an internal consultant related to the suitability of an existing facility or the amount and quality of space for research to be performed by a potential recruit.


Whether at the request of the Provost, Dean or Chair (or their administrator), Facilities Management's planning staff will:

  • Explore, determine and document programmatic needs of a school, department or program.
  • Project type of facility and amount of space to accommodate these needs.
  • Explore conceptual space and plan options for how these needs might be accommodated.
  • Project rough budgetary allowances for options.
  • Advise with regard to options.
  • Depending upon the type of project and availability of Facilities Management Policy resources, develop documentation for schematic design development through Facilities Management Design and Construction (FMDC) or Facilities Management Operations (FMO).
  • Advise on schematic design relative to programmatic pros and cons (the extent to which a design meets programmatic needs), potential costs, and degree to which a design meets the University's space and campus planning objectives.