FAMIS update

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                                                           ***EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 12, 2012 (WEDNESDAY)***  
                                             THE LIST OF AVAILABLE SERVICES IN FAMIS WILL BE CHANGED.

In order to better service your needs, changes have been made to the FAMIS self-service system.

HIGHLIGHT: There will be many more specific services listed.  This means more information being defaulted, which should reduce or eliminate the need to “create your own request”, resulting in less information to be typed in.

See examples below:
Former FAMIS available services page:
Old service

New FAMIS available services page:
New service 
Former plumbing services page:    
Old plumbing 
New plumbing services page: 
New plumbing 

If you have questions please contact: George Badillo (T: 847-491-5897)