Peanut Row

FEBRUARY 3, 2015

The University plans to construct a new multi-story residence hall located at the north end of the Evanston Campus,in the area formely known as Peanut Row. The new facility will accommodate 400+ beds in approximately 140,000 total gross square feet. Construction is slated to being in early 2016.

JULY 25, 2013


Demolition of several buildings on the 500 block of Lincoln Street is taking place this week. The complex of houses on the northernmost stretch of campus has been collectively known as Peanut Row. Some have been vacant only since last year others as long as five.

Originally built when the country was emerging from the Great Depression, the buildings were later used as military barracks during World War II when Northwestern hosted a Navy training program.

Since then, fraternities have occupied the space. But due to deteriorating conditions they have been forced to relocate. The university is considering placing new dorms in the space, but there is no definite plan in place nor has a completion date been scheduled.