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Terminal Rentals

If you do not have a merchant account, and would like to process credit card payments for short term or one-time use only, you can use one of 2 standby merchant card accounts. These standby accounts, if not currently checked out, can be used with a counter top terminal or a handheld cellular terminal. Note that the counter top terminals can be rented for $55/month minimum from Depository Services, and require a standalone analog phone line to function. For mobile or portable credit card payment processing, handheld/cellular based equipment can be rented through our merchant card processor. Each unit costs $80/month, plus a $15/terminal/month cellular access fee. Please call ext. 1-5382 or 1-5344, or send an email to Merchant Cards for availability information.

Note that with either accounts, in addition to terminal rental fees, the following fees will also apply: per transaction processing fees, interchange charges, and annual PCI Compliance fees. Also note that if charge disputes are received during the duration of rental, the department renting the terminal is responsible for responding to dispute notifications.

To get started, complete one of the application forms below:

Location ID

DBA or Location Name

Terminal Type

Rental Application Form

004 NU General Charge Card 2 Counter Top Or Handheld Terminal Location 004 Application Form
087 NU General Charge Card 1 Counter Top Or Handheld Terminal Location 087 Application Form

Prior to submitting a request, it is important that you familiarize yourself with our Merchant Card Processing Procedures, especially if this is going to be the first time you are using one of our standby accounts.