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Certain Meetings Event Go-Live Request

Please note that for several reasons, events hosted on Certain Meetings cannot be switched live without permission from Treasury Operations. Also note that once an event has been switched live, it cannot be switched back to test therefore any registrations created in live mode are considered billable. If you have completed the build out of an event and would like to go live, send an email to EventReg@northwestern.edu. Include the event name (or event code) and the desired go-live date in the body of the email. To facilitate a quick turnaround, please make sure that:

  • you have assigned a unique event code other than the numeric code assigned by Certain
  • your event start and end dates are reflected correctly
  • your registration form open and close dates are reflected correctly
  • you have verified your chart string in the Event Setup -> Payments -> Financial Settings

Your request will be processed in 2 business days. e-Commerce Operations will:

  • verify event setup/configuration details
  • verify payment settings: all accepted card types are enabled, billing address and card security code are enabled
  • create test registrations to ensure e-Commerce integration is functioning properly
  • log event details into our internal database to facilitate the posting of credit card payments and any associated expenses to the proper chart strings

Upon completing the above steps, we will notify you when you can go live along with go-live instructions.