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Accounts Payable Services

Accounts Payable Customer Service: (847) 491.7339

The Financial Operations Policies and Procedures  website hosts detailed guidance on policies and processes related to Accounts Payable services. For assistance in determing payment methods see the Purchasing and Payment Quick Reference Guide.

Accounts Payable provides disbursement functions for Northwestern University, in compliance with University policies, as well as federal and state regulatory requirements.  These services include:

Invoice Processing – Payments for Goods & Services

Responsible for the receiving and tracking of inbound invoices received from vendors in return for goods and services

Responsible for verification of invoice data, payment scheduling and management of daily check processing

Staff Reimbursements

Expense Reports

  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Miscellaneous authorized expenses

Checks - Stop Payments, Reissues, Holds, Enclosures

Responsible for stop-payments and/or reissues of lost or expired checks

Provides support for “special handling”, such as “hold for pick-up”, or requests for enclosures

Online Vouchers

Responsible for final approval and processing of online payment requests

  • Visitors Expense Reports (VER) – approved expenses for University guests
  • Contracted Services Forms (CSF) – payment to individuals (non-employee)  for pre-negotiated services
  • Direct Payment Requests (DPR) – requests for payments not requiring a PO  – Examples:  subscription renewals, membership dues, conference fees

Vendor Credits

Responsible for processing credit transactions which returns  funds to chartstrings

Wire Transfers

Responsible for electronic  payments

  • Domestic wire transfers
  • International wire transfers
    • In US dollars
    • In local currencies
  •   International bank drafts

Document Imaging & Indexing 

Responsible for creating and indexing  electronic images of paper invoices/documents, making them easy to access and retrieve.