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Leadership Commitment

Statement from President Morton Schapiro and former Provost Daniel Linzer

Northwestern University is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research and the personal and intellectual growth of its students in a diverse academic environment. The foundation of this pursuit is made possible only by the distinct collection of students, faculty and staff that converge at the university. It is through this mutual exchange of ideas, experiences and perspectives that sustains the depth of our learning. 

True diversity is defined not only as differences in individual backgrounds, personal identities, intellectual approaches and demographics; it is also the removal of barriers and the creation of space that allow individuals to fully engage in the life of the university. As individuals of our own unique identities — be it comprised of faith, race, sexuality, gender, abilities, socioeconomic class, etc.  we each offer an irreplaceable opportunity to examine the issues before us from a newly encountered dimension. The commitment to providing these opportunities equally to each and every member of our community is the force behind creating a diverse, ideal Northwestern University.

It is our responsibility to challenge the members of our community (students, faculty, staff and alumni) to engage differences as strengths in order to improve campus culture and to develop an environment that ensures equality of access, opportunity, participation and representation. Northwestern University reaffirms and renews its commitment to diversity and equity. As a community we have a large length to cover to strengthen and sustain this pledge, but in order to remain ahead of the pace with modern society we will strive to support this enterprise as a piece of the foundation of our institution. And through fostering this ideal we hope to weave together the fabric of our community as dynamic, vibrant and just — in order to foster the pursuit of each and every individual member of Northwestern University.

Only by exploring issues with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints can we challenge our assumptions, test our ideas and broaden our understanding of the world.

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