Diversity & Inclusion Report and Timeline

This timeline illustrates some of the wide-reaching programs and initiatives Northwestern has launched in the last two decades on our road to building an ever richer community, one that embraces each of our distinct backgrounds and perspectives. Scroll through using the Arrow (< and >) keys on the sidebar of the timeline. Or, click and drag the purple Events bar at the bottom of the page.

A text-only version of the timeline can be viewed here. 

We hope this timeline helps visualize the efforts taking place at Northwestern, sparks conversation about ways we can continue to improve, and inspires new ideas. We have much to celebrate and at the same time we acknowledge there are many challenges to overcome as we work to build a truly diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community for all. If you lead a program that you think could be included here, or if you have ideas about how to make our community more inclusive and diverse we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at diversity@northwestern.edu.

The Diversity and Inclusion Report on academic year 2013-14 provides an update for the Northwestern community on diversity data and programs to enhance diversity and inclusion across the University. A report on academic year 2014-15 is planned for spring quarter 2016.  

“A diverse community is essential to achieve our mission of creating the best possible learning environment and educational experience, because only by exploring issues with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints can we challenge our assumptions, test our ideas and broaden our understanding of the world."
— Daniel Linzer, Provost

News & Announcements

Award and Grant Funding

Diversity and Equity Awards and Grants

The Office of the Provost has recently announced award and grant funding to support faculty excellence and innovation in diversity and equity. Proposals for the Provost Grants for Innovation in Diversity and Equityand nominations for the Provost Award for Faculty Excellence in Diversity and Equity will remain open until October 1, 2016. 

Deconstructing Whiteness

Deconstructing Whiteness

Social Justice Education is facilitating the Deconstructing Whiteness workshop for the Spring quarter. This 6-part workshop, beginning April 13th, is for undergraduate students who self-identify as white. It is their opportunity to explore what it means to be white, learn to talk about whiteness and race with other white people, and begin to understand their role in doing anti-racist work, among other things.