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Welcome to the Northwestern University Conflict of Interest Office (NUCOI)

Northwestern University is dedicated to integrity in its academic, research, and business activities.  As part of this mission, NUCOI oversees and implements the University's institutional, research, faculty, and staff conflict of interest policies and procedures, ensures University compliance with applicable conflict of interest regulatory requirements, provides guidance and support to the University community regarding conflict of interest policies, systems, standards, and procedures, and administers and supports the activities of University Conflict of Interest Committees.

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eDisclosure is not accessible for disclosers from 1/4/17 - 2/1/17.  If you need to meet research training and disclosure requirements for the first time during this time period, please utilize the paper process (see here) or contact NUCOI (847.467.4515 or nucoi@northwestern.edu) for assistance.  If you already have a disclosure on file in eDisclosure and would like to make an update, please perform this update when the annual disclosure opens on 2/1/17. 

The annual disclosure process will open in eDisclosure on 2/1/17!  Stay tuned for announcements regarding the 2/1/17 launch. 

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