The 2011 Best Practices Forum was held on Thursday, May 24, 2011 on the Chicago Campus.

This year's forum included a lunchtime presentation “Making Big Change (without leaving fingerprints) in the Modern Research University" by Sally Blount, Dean of the Kellogg School of Management and the Michael L. Nemmers Professor of Management and Organizations.

Approximately 150 staff members participated in the event. Most were administrators from both the Schools and Central Administration. There was representation from each of the eleven schools at the forum.

List of participants for 2011

The 2011 presentations included:

Title:Checklists: Setting a Standard for Efficient, High-Quality Customer Service


  • Susan Morris, Research Administrator
  • Jarrod Routh, Research Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Adams, Director of Research Administration

Title:Using Business Intelligence to Enable Student Analytics and Decision Making


  • Mike Mills, Associate Provost for University Enrollment
  • Luna Rajbhandari, Director Business Intelligence Solutions

Title:Ensuring the Instructor's Voice is Present in Online, Asynchronous Classroom


  • Frank Tomsic, Director Distance Education
  • Caitlin Frano, Curriculum Development Specialist
  • Cynthia Witz, Coordinator Academic Programs

Title:Developing and Maintaining Excellent Websites: How to Empower Those Responsible for Your Websites


  • Gina Myerson, Assistant Dean Marketing & External Communications
  • Alan Wolff, Senior IT Director

Title:Understanding the Curriculum – Steps Toward Exploiting Learning Analytics


  • Dr. John X. Thomas, Senior Associate Dean Education Programs
  • Brian Agne, Business Systems Analyst
  • Mac Flores, Senior Software Developer

Title:Don't Fear Change, Plan For It: Taking an Iterative Approach to Project Management


  • Stu Baker, Associate University Librarian
  • Chris Comerford, Director of Information Technology WCAS

Title:Using a “Balanced Scorecard” to Drive Success


  • Meg McDonald, Senior Executive Director Office for Research
  • Cathy Berardi, Research Administrator