Best Practices Forum

Best Practices Forum 2014

The annual Best Practices Forum is sponsored by Provost Dan Linzer and Executive Vice President Nim Chinniah.

The forum showcases innovative and valuable practices that have been successfully implemented across the university. It serves as a practical way for leaders across the University to share their own specific experiences and demonstrate practical examples of successful technology, process, and people solutions in their respective units.  The day fosters creative thinking and provides a forum for showcasing some of the best ideas being implemented across the University. Each year a Northwestern faculty member or administrator is invited to deliver the keynote address.

The Best Practices Forum is a unique opportunity for staff leadership to interact with peers to learn about successful technology, process, and people solutions that have been implemented across the university. It is also a networking opportunity to share and apply lessons learned with colleagues in their respective units. Staff members, director level and above, are invited to attend the Forum.  Special invitee requests (or invitation exceptions) are considered on an individual basis based on specific needs.  The Office of Change Management makes every effort to accommodate such requests that are approved by a senior level leader including a Dean, Associate Dean, Vice President, or Associate Vice President depending upon space availability.

Goals of the forum include:

  1. Creating an environment at Northwestern in which change is encouraged
  2. Transferring knowledge of best practices and programs throughout the University
  3. Providing at least one idea that each participant can apply to his or her work
  4. Providing networking opportunities that extend beyond the forum
  5. Building a cohort of change agents across the University