The second annual Best Practices Forum was held on Thursday, March 19, 2009 at the Norris Center.  The Forum served as a practical way for leaders across the University to share their own specific experiences and demonstrate practical examples of successful technology, process, and people solutions in their respective units.  The day fosters creative thinking and provided a forum for some of the best ideas being implemented across the University to be showcased. This years Forum also include  a lunch time presentation “Measuring the External Strength of a School’s Brand: Kellogg’s Media Audit Program and its Implications for Media Relations Strategy” by David  Besanko.

The 2009 presentations included:

Title:Implementing a More Strategic Procurement Environment


  • Jim Konrad, Director of Purchasing
  • Karl Turro, Controller
  • Randy Henry, Business Systems Analyst Lead

Title:Faculty On-boarding – Starting Off on the Right Foot


  • Abby Cullough
  • Melissa Durst, Director of Administration & Planning
  • Lois Remeikis, Associate Dean Information Services

Title:Collaborative Student Assessment and Academic Performance Tracking


  • Mac Flores, Senior Software Developer
  • Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Dean of Management Information Systems

Title:An Innovative Model of Research Administration in the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science


  • Elizabeth Adams, Director of Research Administration
  • Deborah Cundiff, Associate Director of Research Administration

Title:Improving Graduate Admissions: The Online E-Brochure Solution


  • Gina Myerson, Assistant Dean Marketing & External Communications
  • Kyle Delaney, Director Marketing & External Communications

Title:Using Position Management to Maximize Human and Financial Resources


  • Meg McDonald, Senior Executive Director Office for Research
  • Kathy Tessendorf, Director of Human Resources Information Systems 
  • Mary Tobin, Director of Administration & Resource Planning

Title:NUIT’s Information Security Vulnerability Assessment Program by Jeff Holland


  • Jeff Holland, Security Vulnerability Analyst

Title:Graduate Admissions Tracking System (GATS)


  • Alan Wolff, Senior IT Director
  • Daniel Lee, Senior Web Applications/Software Developer