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Gender Responsive Health Resources

Women's Center

The Women's Center believes in every persons right to responsive and affirming health care. In addition to the resources below, please see our programming page for events that engage this topic and find the recommendations of the Trans and Gender Nonbinary Task Force under university reports.   

Campus Resources

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Community Resources

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Reproductive Justice

Local Organizations

Chicago Women’s Health Center

Chicago Abortion Fund

Chicago Volunteer Doulas 

Chicago Coalition for Reproductive Justice

Chicago Foundation for Women

Regional Organizations

EverThrive Justice 

Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (CHAT podcasts)

Midwest Access Coalition

 Midwest Access Project

National Organizations

Reproductive Access - List of over 200 resources

Reproductive Health Access Network

The following list of resources has been provided by the Care Collective:


For speaking about abortion access:

  • Care Collective
  • AVOW’s social media guidance for including gender-inclusive language when messaging about abortion access
  • Liberate Abortion resource hub with social media guidance, do’s and don’ts, messaging, template op-eds, template emails for media availability and more
  • Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) 
  • National Abortion Federation
  • Center for Reproductive Rights

For speaking about privacy and surveillance:

  • Digital Defense Fund's Pregnancy & Abortion Privacy Guide - Detailed instructions, limitations, and threat modeling considerations about abortion and digital security. A mobile version of the graphic is attached. 
    • Digital Defense Fund provides info on personal digital privacy for abortion experiences to clinics for free! Please reach out via their website to request one.
    • Digital Safety for Abortion Workers - Check out this blog post for digital safety tips to help keep patients, providers and support workers safe.  


For speaking about clinic changes:

  • Abortion Care Network
    • Uniting Our Voices toolkit, compiling resources, messaging guides and graphics to let folks know that clinics and funds are open and ready to help people seeking care.
    • When talking about changes in independent clinic status and how to respond to an increasingly hostile abortion landscape 


For communicating with reporters:

  • Liberate Abortion: Reporter Do’s and Don’ts Guide


For speaking about self-managed abortions:

  • Abortion On Our Own Terms: 


For sharing state-related information

    • State-by-State Guide: This public, abortion seeker-facing resource includes the most recent updates for U.S. states – laws, providers, and more. Available in English and Spanish.

Calls to Action:

  • Donate to Abortion Funds: A donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds brings abortion funds closer to a future where all people can access abortion without shame or stigma. 
  • Keep Our Clinics: Support independent community providers who provide the majority of abortion care in the US.
  • M+A Hotline: A confidential, private and secure phone and text hotline for people in need of support for self-managed miscarriage or abortion.
  • National Abortion Federation: Donate to NAF’s Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund to help cover travel-related expenses for those seeking care.
  • Repro Legal Helpline: If you have questions about self-managed abortion and the law, If/When/How can help. The Repro Legal Helpline is a free, confidential source for legal advice and information on self-managed abortion. or call 844-868-2812.
  • Vetted, up to date and personalized info on where and how to get an abortion in a clinic; no search or user data is saved.
  • Abortion On Our Own Terms: Find important information, messaging and resources related to self-managed abortion. 
  • Aid Access: For information and consultation for receiving medication abortion by mail.
  • AbortionFinder: Use this comprehensive tool – fully available in English and Spanish – to find trusted and verified abortion care and support across the U.S. No search or user data is saved. 
  • Operation Save Abortion: A program that educates and onboards new activists into areas of abortion activism that align with their abilities, interests, and capacity. The program launches July 17th, with a virtual training day made up of interactive conversations and activities led by abortion activists and experts from around the country - live-streamed into activist house parties across the country.
  • Support/Share Practical Support Organizations (PSO's):PSO's help abortion seekers with travel and logistical support