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COVID-19 Resources

Our Covid-19 Response

In times like this, the Women's Center keeps our mission to advance gender equity and to support women, trans, and non-binary people at Northwestern at heart, even as we adjust and reimagine the work ahead. We are here but we also understand that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely magnify and exacerbate structural inequities and will affect marginalized communities differently.

In response to the social, economic, and medical global crisis due to COVID-19, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources to support those in need, even while many are away from campus. We also list opportunities for those who wish to safely offer aid to others in our community.

We applaud and uplift the critical supports that our campus partners are providing as well as the critical mutual aid that many in our communities are providing. Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic expose not only the gaping flaws of the systems we live under but also the power of people who are bravely and tirelessly taking care of others in times of need.

We also are continuing to virtually engage our campus community by offering ongoing events, support groups, coaching and programs to our staff, faculty, and students. Please be sure to sign up for our listserv and follow us on social media to stay up to date with our Spring Quarter programming calendar. Stay well.


Campus Resources

 Community Resources/Mutual Aid


*Check back soon or write to us to recommend: