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Our Global Commitments

The Women's Center at Northwestern is engaged in the fight for gender equity globally.  We are proud to partner  in the following ways. 


  • Through a grant received from the National institute of Health, we are engaged in collaborative learning about combatting gender-based harassment, discrimination and assault in university settings with faculty and staff at The University of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria. We do this work in partnership with NU's Institute for Global Health and with the generous input from our colleagues at CARE, CAPS, and The Office of Equity. 

  • Our staff serves on the Global Gender Justice and Digital Life Working Group through the Buffet Institute for Global Affairs. This working group convenes to share resources and knowledge around combatting gender-based crimes perpetrated online.  Thus far this working group represents a partnership amongst staff and faculty from the United States, Australia, South Korea, Tokyo, China, and Taiwan.

  •  Summer of 2020 marked the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the fourth World Conference on Women, convened by the United Nations in Beijing in 1995. Our own Njoki Kamau was there. The P.O. Box collective celebrated this milestone with a screening of Salome Chasnoff's film Beyond Beijing: The International Women's Movement.