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Taking Action Details

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cartoon campfire

What is RJ?

Gather around a campfire with Northwestern Faculty who teach and research reproductive justice. 

Dinner and smores provided. 

Deb Tuerkheimer, Pritzker School of Law
Kate Masur, History
Joanna Grisinger, Legal Studies

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Direct Action Fundamentals

Kelly Hayes will discuss direct action, why we protest, what action roles can look like, how the terrain of protest is changing, and how mutual aid and direct action overlap. Drawing examples from the past and present, Kelly will talk about direct action as a vehicle for change, relationship building and political communion in these times.

Snacks Provided.

Kelly Hayes

Kelly Hayes is a Menominee author, organizer, movement educator and photographer. She is also the host of Truthout‘s podcast Movement Memos. Kelly is a co-founder of the direct action collective Lifted Voices and the Chicago Light Brigade. Kelly has led countless workshops in recent years, training over 400 people in protest tactics in the first year of the Trump administration alone.


Kelly’s written work can be found in Truthout, Teen Vogue, Bustle, The Huffington Post, Yes! Magazine, Pacific Standard, NBC Think, her blog Transformative Spaces, The Appeal and numerous anthologies. Her movement photography is featured in the “Freedom and Resistance” exhibit of the DuSable Museum of African American History.


Kelly has co-organized major protests and campaigns during some of the most heated political moments of our times, including struggles for Native sovereignty, the fight to save the Affordable Care Act, the Mental Health Movement, the campaign to stop school closures under former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the successful effort to win reparations for survivors of police torture in the city of Chicago. Kelly has also co-organized and led trainings prior to some of the most significant protests in Chicago in recent history and has helped resistors around the country, from Boston College to the Pacific Northwest, hone their skills in the runup to direct actions.

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Healing Justice

Healing Justice seeks to intervene on Generational Trauma to Build Collective Power Towards Resistance."  (Definition From "Healing Justice Lineages : Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care and Safety" by Cara Page and Erica Woodland)

This workshop will introduce the theory and practice of the political framework known as Healing Justice. Through a pop-ed style discussion, participants will  map the economic,  spiritual and political conditions of their own communities and envision how utilizing a Healing Justice framework could help guide visions of what safety and care look like. 

Dinner Provided. 

Stacy Erenberg

Stacy Rene Erenberg is a community organizer, activist healer and socially conscious musician. For the past 12 years Stacy has worked with youth and other change makers fighting for equal education, ending gender violence, immigration reform and racial justice. Through her diverse experience working with all walks of life, she has gained skills as a facilitator, participatory action researcher, youth worker, popular education facilitator, advocate and cultural worker. Stacy was born and raised on the North east side of Chicago. She dedicates her life to justice through organizing, healing arts and music. Currently, she is the co-founder and practitioner at Sage Community Health Collective. Through her work at Sage, Stacy is committed to providing affordable, harm reductionist and preventative healthcare and access to healing practices for all.

cartoon campfire

From Campus to Community Based Organizing

Sit around the campfire with Northwestern alums who have taken skills built in campus-based activism into their communities. 

Dinner and smores provided.

Eliza Gonring, Prison-Neighborhood Arts Project
Addie Shrodes, State of Illinois, Office of the Chief Equity Officer

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Garden Party

Every year our center invites all of our friends to a thank you celebration on our lawn. 
We have lunch and share highlights form the year. Our playlist kills. 
Action for RJ participants are encouraged to join!