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Approving Study Abroad Term Extensions

Northwestern encourages students to study abroad for the full year, and if a student would like to extend their stay beyond their initial term abroad, this may be possible. Students must have approval to extend their study abroad program by the following deadlines:

To extend a Fall program through Winter/Spring: December 1

To extend a Fall/Winter program through Spring: March 1


Students must update their applications and acquire a series of approvals to extend their term abroad. If students inquire about the possibility of extending a study abroad term, please refer them to the detailed steps listed on our Extending Your Term Abroad webpage.

WCAS departmental advisers

WCAS Departmental approval is only required for students who have an official declared major and/or minor in Weinberg.

  • Do you think extending the term abroad is reasonable from the point of view of the major/minor? For example, if the student wishes to take mostly elective credit abroad, will there be sufficient time to finish major/minor requirements upon returning to campus?
  • If the student wishes to make progress towards major/minor requirements abroad, are courses from this program generally acceptable to your department? Is there a limit on the number of study abroad courses that may be counted towards the major/minor?
  • If your approval of the student's study abroad plans is conditional, please state the conditions.
  • Please note that all of the normal rules about double counting also apply to study abroad courses.

Approval means: I believe that this student's plan to extend the term abroad will be acceptable to my department in partial fulfillment of his/her major/minor program.

school representatives

All students need to obtain approval from their School Representative. Taking into account the general education requirements of your school and the overall performance of the student to date:

  • Do you think the plan to extend to a full year is reasonable?
  • Are there any aspects of the student's record that cause you to hesitate to support this request (for example, unfinished incompletes, insufficient progress towards degree requirements, weak preparation in language or other area of the proposed study abroad curriculum, etc.)?

Approval means: I believe that this student's plan to extend the term abroad will be acceptable to my school in partial fulfillment of the student's academic program at Northwestern. His/her study abroad plans make good academic sense considering his/her overall plan of study at Northwestern.