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(NEW) Change Management 301

Change Management 301: Intensive Workshop will be a new offering for staff to lead a change project of their choosing through each phase of the change framework, conferring with other OSC staff and, potentially, other peer participants as they progress through their project. Completing Change Management 201, or equivalent change management experience, is a prerequisite.

The goals of the intensive are to:

  • facilitate shared learning with peers
  • provide resources and methodologies to support staff leaders in enabling change
  • expand participants’ professional networks


  • Applicants are asked to identify a known opportunity or specific challenge within their school or unit (or across multiple schools/units) that has the potential to improve some aspect of their organization’s effectiveness. This may be a process, cultural, technological, or structural change that impacts service delivery, organizational capacity, staff/talent development, and/or cross-unit collaboration.
  • This challenge will serve as participants’ case study for a change process that they will lead over the next year with the support of the peer learning group and coaching from the OSC staff.
  • Participants attend five 90-minute sessions facilitated by OSC directors. The specific topics of each session guide participants in leading and managing their own change initiatives, including planning for change, assessing and developing a case for change, analyzing and synthesizing data, making recommendations, and implementing change.
  • Together with a community of peers, they will develop their initiative, engage in small group coaching sessions, and mentor one another as they lead their units through a change process.
  • Participants will have the option of sharing outcomes of their change initiatives at a future Best Practices Forum.

Selection Process

  • You will need your senior leader’s endorsement of the proposed project to participate in the Intensive (Dean/VP/Vice Provost).
  • Application selection will be based upon:
    • the endorsement of your senior leader to participate.
    • the scope and potential impact of the proposed change project.
    • demonstrated familiarity and experience with organizational change.
  • The Office of Organizational Strategy and Change seeks to build a peer learning group of diverse leaders and thinkers at Northwestern.
  • Group size will be limited to create an ideal learning environment.