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(NEW) Change Management 201

Change Management 201: Advanced Seminar will be a cohort-based seminar focused on applying the broad and adaptable change framework to OSC provided case studies and changes that the participants want to implement in their own school or unit. OSC facilitators guide small group activities that rely on shared learning among peers. Completing Change Management 101, or equivalent change management experience, is a prerequisite. The seminar would consist of two - four 2.5-hour virtual workshops held on Zoom and would be a new offering to be developed.

The goals of the seminar are to:

  • facilitate shared learning with peers
  • apply the five-step action framework to specific organizational challenges
  • increase capacity to plan and lead change in collaboration with other stakeholders

Selection Process

  • You will need to your manager’s endorsement to participate in the Organizational Change Advanced Seminar and you will need to have completed the Introductory Seminar.
  • Seminar participants are individuals with the opportunity to lead change and improvement initiatives in their school/unit who are nominated by a leader at the institution.
  • The Office of Organizational Strategy and Change seeks to build a seminar group of diverse leaders and thinkers at Northwestern.
  • Seminar size will be limited to create an ideal learning environment.
  • Invitations to participate will be sent to nominees approximately two months in advance.