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Clery Liaison Program

In order to best comply with the federal mandates of the Clery Act, the University needs assistance from schools, units, departments and divisions. Deans, Directors and Department Heads are asked to identify and provide the University Clery Act Coordinator with a Clery contact person (or persons as appropriate) from their respective area who will serve as a Clery Liaison to assist in:

Deans, Directors and Department Heads use the Clery Liaison Registration web page to submit their Clery Liaisons. For additional information on the role of the Clery Liaison, and on determining who is a CSA, visit the Clery Liaison Training / Orientation Program.

Register a Campus Security Authority

Within the Clery Liaison’s respective school, unit, department or division, use the CSA Registration / Status Change form to notify the University Clery Act Coordinator of new and previously unidentified CSAs and of those identified CSAs who are no longer a CSA due to a change in job function or employment or student status change. Contact the Clery Act Coordinator if questions regarding CSA identification and to determine who in your area is identified as a CSA.

Register Building/Property Outside of On-campus Property

By completing and submitting the Non-Campus Property Registration form, the Clery Liaison is identifying a new or previously unreported “non-campus” (off campus) property that is owned, leased or controlled by the University, for department, school, unit or division use, in direct support of or in relation to the University’s educational purposes and frequented by students. Non-campus property may, depending on use, be a Clery Act reportable location for crime data gathering purposes. Controlling property is a defined term for Clery Act purposes. "Controlled by" means that the University rents, leases or has some other type of written agreement (including an informal one, such as a letter or e-mail) for a building or property, or a portion of a building or property.

Contact the Clery Act Coordinator to determine if your area's leased / controlled “non-campus” (off campus) property is included in the Facilities Management Real Estate Office property listing. Note, the University Facilities Management's Real Estate Office should be notified whenever a school, unit, department or division determines they would like to lease any space. If the Facilities Management Real Estate Office is already aware of your leased property, you DO NOT need to complete and submit this form.

Register University Sponsored / Controlled Student Trip Locations

To register locations where students are going on University sponsored (controlled) travel when travel is done on a repeated basis (at least every year) and the students stay at the same location; or if the travel is two nights or more, submit a Student Trip Report Form. Visit the Student Trip Report Form web page for additional information and guidance on student trip reporting.