Life at College

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Members of our program are challenged with balancing a rigorous college and military schedule. The day of a typical midshipman starts early in the morning with physical training up to three times a week, immediately followed by a Naval Science class (schedule dependent on the specific class). After attending to their early-morning military duties, midshipmen join the rest of their civilian classmates in lectures, discussions, labs, review sessions, office hours, and etc...

Once the school day is over, midshipmen occasionally have duties to attend to at the unit. Such duties include: flag duty, duty watch, or simply meeting with their class adviser. Midshipmen are then free to participate in any extracurricular activities in which they are members. Typical activities include: club/intramural sports, fraternities/sororities, undergraduate research, and a variety of campus organizations.

Even though the schedule of a typical midshipman is often tightly packed, they are still encouraged to join NROTC competition teams to add to their experience in the program. These teams include: drill team, color guard team and endurance team. Participation in these activities allows midshipmen to travel to NROTC units around the country to compete against and meet other midshipmen.

Although the primary focus of midshipmen is their academic coursework, the extra activities they add on to their plate truly enhance their experience and development as military officers. Through these extra-curricular events on campus, midshipmen have the opportunity to interact with a more diverse group of peoples and usually take leadership roles in their organizations.

Click on the following links to view an example of the typical daily and yearly schedules for a Navy Option Scholarship student: First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year. Please consult your ROTC advisor for more information about when to schedule classes.