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Tuesday, August 4

Today’s tip: Student health and safety are on the agenda this morning at 11 a.m. as the Return to Campus Discussion Series continues. There’s still time to register.

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Campus Safety

Wildcat Wellness aims for healthy and safe return in fall

Northwestern will require all students arriving to live on campus or in the Evanston area to follow a modified quarantine period known as Wildcat Wellness for two weeks in September, much like the previously issued Illinois stay-at-home order. This requirement is aimed at encouraging health and safety on campus and trying to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Read the goals and expectations for Wildcat Wellness.


Seeking faculty to take on global challenges

The Buffett Institute for Global Affairs and the Office of International Relations encourage Northwestern faculty members to participate in U7+ Alliance of World Universities working groups during the upcoming academic year.

The alliance is the first coalition of university leaders working to define concrete actions that universities can take to collectively address global challenges. Topics include environmental sustainability, equity and inclusion, artificial intelligence and more.

Learn more and apply by Aug. 19.


COVID-19 and seniors: a look at racial health disparities

Northwestern epidemiologist Mercedes Carnethon testified recently before the U.S. Senate on how to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on minority older adults.

Market moves up

When price controls beat free markets

A team of economists including Piotr Dworczak of Northwestern found that price controls can be a better solution than free markets under certain circumstances, particularly when there’s significant societal inequality involved.

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