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Will You Leave a Lasting Impression?


In his research, Dan McAdams focuses on adults who are especially generative, those who are most concerned with the well-being of future generations. Want to know how you’d rate on McAdams’ scale? If you’ve performed the following behaviors once or more during the past two months, you can consider yourself highly generative:

  • Taught somebody a skill
  • Did volunteer work for a charity
  • Told somebody about your childhood
  • Babysat for someone else’s children
  • Made a decision that influenced many people
  • Picked up garbage off the street or some other area that is not your property
  • Attended a community or neighborhood meeting
  • Gave a stranger directions on how to get somewhere
  • Contributed time or money to a political or social cause
  • Planted or tended a garden, tree, flower or other plant
  • Cooked a meal for friends
  • Donated blood
  • Sewed or mended a garment or other object
  • Restored or rehabbed part of a house or a piece of furniture
  • Assembled or repaired a child’s toy
  • Learned a new skill (computer, language, musical instrument, welding, etc.)