Educational Tools

Thanks for ["A New Way to Learn," fall 2001]. I hadn't heard of the Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools before, so I found the article very helpful and informative. I just moved back to Chicago in August to work for the Chicago Public Education Fund, so I'm a relatively new person in the world of Chicago education initiatives.

Michael Sanders (J99)

Eros Erratum

Irene Brown's article, "Near or Far" [fall 2001], describing research assistant professor and geologist Mark Robinson's participation in the NASA mission in which a spacecraft orbited and eventually landed on the Eros asteroid, was exceptionally interesting.

However, a minor flaw must be noted: The full and correct name of the spacecraft is NEAR (Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) - Shoemaker. Omission of Shoemaker appended to NEAR is a slight (unintended I am sure) to the memory of the late geologist and space scientist Eugene Shoemaker and his astronomer wife, Carolyn. Mark Robinson must surely be aware of Shoemaker's great contribution to asteroid sciences.

Robert B. Hall (G40)
Lakewood, Colo.

Purple Postulation

Northwestern's football team has won three Big Ten titles in six years. The first was a sole championship, the second was a co-championship and the third was a tri-championship.

I was wondering if the University's computers could figure out the odds of this happening in numerical order.

Jeffery L. White (SESP70)
Elgin, Ill.

Bravo on Busch

How inspiring to find a four-page article on a successful gay alumnus, Charles Busch (S76), as one of your feature articles ("On Broadway," fall 2001).

I am certain that this piece will serve as an inspiration to gay and lesbian students at Northwestern as well as alumni throughout the world. As in Busch's case, dreams can be accomplished in the face of adversity. This article will bolster the courage of students and alumni as they come to terms with their sexual identity and its impact on their lives.
Bravo to Northwestern!

William M. Schendel
Assistant director of development research
Northwestern University