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Fall 2000















Striking a Chord

Kudos to Patty Dowd Schmitz for her NUMB article ["The Sound of Purple"] in the fall 2000 issue! At first I thought she was a really wonderful reporter for finding out so much of the essence of NUMB. Then I saw her tagline at the end of the article and realized only a NUMBer could give such a true glimpse of the Finest Band in the Land.

Sarah A. Young West (J95)
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Schmitz captured the spirit of NUMB better than any other account I've read. Incidentally, I think I'm the crazy guy holding the cymbals in the photo on page 24 taken at Navy Pier.

Jeff Jewett (WCAS00)
Lansing, Mich.

I was shocked and amazed to see a photo of myself on page 24 preparing for "heavy dew." I was in NUMB for four years and loved every minute of it -- including those with heavy and sometimes frozen dew. My one quibble is that I wish there was more emphasis on music in the article. NUMB stands for beautiful music as much as anything else in the marching band world.

Lisa Lyons Wright (S84)
Centreville, Va.

The article reminded me of a humorous incident. I'm not sure of the year or opposing team, but at halftime both bands marched onto the field, stood side by side before one of the directors and played the National Anthem. Problem was, each band played in a different key and the director must have been too close to hear it. Meanwhile, those of us in the stands were kerplatzing with laughter.

Mitzi Meyer Swanson (WCAS49)
Orland Park, Ill.

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found

I saw the picture and mention of the Amazingrace coffeehouse in the fall 2000 issue [Times Past, "Historical Hangouts"]. In the picture, I'm the one on the far left. The person next to me in the picture is identified as Lenny Karpel. Not so. Was it Art Aronson? Also, the picture is described as being from 1977, but I had left the group by mid-1975. This photo would have to be from a period between November 1974 and September 1975.

Flawn Williams (S74)
Hyattsville, Md.

Worth Every Penny

I read with great interest Alex Ortolani's "8 O'Clock Classes Slumber" in your fall issue [News on Campus], since I was the student who "shelled out money" to get a spot in professor Richard Leopold's renowned History C13, which indeed began at 8 a.m. It was the best $10 I ever spent.

Michael A. Barnhart (S73)
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Questionable Lineage

AnnMarie Harris (J00) [Alumni News, "Unshackling Minds," fall 2000] reports that Maria Ponce de Leon is descended from Pedro Ponce de Leon, a Benedictine monk. For a celibate monk to have descendants is either a miracle or unusually imaginative reporting.

Benjamin Walter (G60)

Enough Already

I am a huge Northwestern fan, but after 25 years, I am very tired of hear- ing mention of the late McLean Stevenson (S52), Richard Benjamin (S60), Paula Prentiss (S59) and Charlton Heston (S45) as if they were our most important alumni [Q&A, fall 2000, page 10]. I want information on former students who are now significant authors, research scientists, artists, businesspeople and governmental leaders rather than hearing about those who have contributed to our pop culture.

Nancy Tyra-Lukens (WCAS75)
Eden Prairie, Minn.

Iron Man Radio

Enjoyed ["WNUR Turns 50," Alumni News, fall 2000] by Ed Fanselow. I think your next article should be on the history of the forerunner ... the IPBS. Mixed programming was broadcast through the plumbing system of the University, and it took a variety of antennae, receivers and/or headphones to listen! The call letters referred to the Iron Pipe Broadcasting System. You will probably have to delve deeply for research.

Hal Turner (Mu51)
Sun City Center, Fla.



In the fall 2000 Alumni News article, "The Years Have Been Kind," on the 50th reunion, one alumna was misidentified in a photo on page 48. She is Carol Beaton (S50), shown at the far left. Northwestern regrets the error.