Fall 2010

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Karen Page: A Real Page Turner

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Karen Page (WCAS83) and her husband, Andrew Dornenburg, recently won a 2010 silver Nautilus Book Award for their newest book, The Flavor Bible. Winner of a 2009 James Beard Book Award, it is a fresh spin on a traditional cookbook: It doesn’t contain a single recipe. Instead it lists “anything you could imagine cooking” and the herbs, spices and other seasonings that world-renowned chefs use to enhance natural flavors. Page first began to combine her dual passions — food and entrepreneurship — at Northwestern, where she started Cakes Unlimited, a birthday cake business. After graduating with an economics degree, Page hit Wall Street. She worked for two years and got her MBA at Harvard before marrying Dornenburg. They live in New York. They are finishing their eighth book, On Mastering Wine. All of Page’s titles leave readers with a similar taste: Gastronomy isn’t just about the food. “It’s pleasurably enhancing body, mind and spirit through food and drink on any occasion.” Bon appétit. — Elizabeth Weingarten (J10)