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Investment Office

Stewards of Northwestern's endowment and financial assets


In the years since Northwestern’s founding in 1851, alumni, parents, and friends have generously supported the University’s efforts to provide an unparalleled education for its students and to conduct cutting-edge research in a range of important areas.

When gifts are designated to the endowment, Northwestern accepts responsibility for ensuring that these contributions fulfill and sustain their intended purposes in perpetuity. The Investment Office strives to work with the best minds and most ethical partners across a range of investment disciplines, including venture capital, private equity, long-short equity, credit markets and others.

Results of Northwestern's Investments

As a member of our community of endowment donors, you enable Northwestern’s students, faculty and staff to experience excellence each and every year in our classrooms, laboratories and libraries and through co- and extra-curricular activities in the arts, sports, innovation and entrepreneurship and community service.

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Endowment Fund Impact

Our endowment has a transformative impact on the university and its students, promotes inclusive access, and supports the development of a vibrant community.

Fund Growth, Payouts and More

Investment Responsibility

Northwestern University is committed to both the prudent management of its endowment and the upholding of core University values in its investment practices.

This includes consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in potential investments.

More on Responsible Investment Practices