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Neena B. Schwartz, PhD

School of Medicine, 1974-1999
Neena B. Schwartz, PhD

Neena B. Schwartz (1926-2018) was the William Deering Professor of Endocrinology. During her career, she served as a founding member of the Association for Women in Science in 1971, and she co-founded Women in Endocrinology, within the Endocrine Society.

In 1974, Dr. Schwartz created the Program for Reproductive Research at Northwestern and in 1987 the Center for Reproductive Science opened with Dr. Schwartz serving as the director. Dr. Schwartz also served terms as the presidents of both the Endocrine Society and the Society for the Study of Reproduction. In 2010, she published a memoir of her life as a woman scientist, A Lab of My Own. The Neena B. Schwartz Lectureship is held at Northwestern each year in her honor.

Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Archives

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