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Helen M. Clark

Mathematics Department, 1947-1972
Helen M. Clark

Helen M. Clark (1908-1974) was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1908. She attended junior college in Grand Rapids before matriculating to the University of Michigan where she received her BA in mathematics in 1931. A year later, in 1932, she received her master’s degree from Northwestern with a major in mathematics and a minor in education.

She began her teaching career at Northwestern first as a private tutor. She then transitioned to the role of interim instructor at the university. In 1947 she became a full time instructor. Later in 1959 Ms. Clark was appointed an assistant professor of mathematics. During her time on Northwestern faculty, Ms. Clark was awarded a Science Faculty Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. With this honor, Ms. Clark traveled to Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin to study mathematics. Throughout her academic career, Ms. Clark was also a member of the American Mathematical Society and the American Association of College Professors.

Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Archives