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Evelyn B. Tilden, PhD

School of Dentistry, 1942-1954
Evelyn B. Tilden, PhD

Evelyn B. Tilden (1891-1983) served as an assistant professor of bacteriology in the Northwestern University Dental school from 1942-1948. In 1948, she was appointed professor. Dr. Tilden began her academic career studying English as an undergraduate before she changed to a major in biochemistry with a minor in microbiology at Pembroke College.

Later she began working at the Rockefeller Institute as laboratory assistant to Dr. Noguchi, a renowned tropical disease specialist. Meanwhile, Dr. Tilden earned master’s and doctoral degrees at Columbia University. In 1922, Tilden contributed to a developed technique for the routine diagnosis of syphilis. Additionally, Tilden received NIH funding to study the bacteria in saliva. In 1954, Dr. Tilden began working at the Brookfield Zoo as a microbiologist and eventually cured a fungal disease in penguins kept in captivity.

Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Archives