Required Courses

Courses required for admission vary significantly from one institution to another. These courses are mentioned frequently as being required and/or recommended:

Some of the above courses may not be offered by Northwestern University’s undergraduate program but may be available through the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies (NU SPS). 

Because pre-requisite courses can vary so much by program, we encourage pre-nursing students to research nursing programs early by reviewing program websites. 

Choosing a major

Nursing students come from a wide variety of educational back grounds. Applicants are not required to major in particular major in college to be eligible for admission to an accelerated Bachelors or generalist Master’s degree program. If the nursing program pre-requisite courses are not required as part of an applicant’s undergraduate major, these courses will need to be completed as electives or outside of the Northwestern system (there would not be a need to transfer the courses back to Northwestern).