Campus and Community Involvement

In addition to academic performance and test results, health professions schools value your experiences outside of the classroom. Many schools may require clinical exposure and value non-clinical engagement through volunteer opportunities, or through extra-curricular activities. These forms of civic engagement, typically volunteering, may provide first-hand experiences in the profession you are exploring, while developing your skills and deepening your career discernment process.

Volunteer opportunities

Interactive Map
The map consists of a number of layers and each layer is designed to help you research volunteer opportunities in Evanston and Chicago. Please note, many organizations have their head office in downtown Chicago and, upon contact, may also offer opportunities in Evanston. So, focus on an opportunity or organization that you would like to support and learn more about, as you build your pre-professional experiences. 

Clinical Volunteer Opportunities               
Non-Clinical Volunteer Opportunities
Summer Clinical Exposure Program Opportunities

Opportunities abroad